It was a big helicopter.

A piano fell out of it.

Then some people who seemed out of their minds jumped out.

Joel didn’t think they were wearing parachutes.

He couldn’t see through the thick snow blowing around all that good, but the people seemed to just be dropping onto the glacier.

Plop, just fallen flat, and that was it.

It looked like the helicopter was pooping.

Some people waited for the helicopter to land.

They stepped off under the twirling blades, holding their Hawaiian shirts and straw hats on so they didn’t blow away.

They clenched their toes together to keep their flip-flops from falling off.

Everyone went over to the piano, which landed on its side and broke one of its legs, so everyone worked together heaving it right-side up, wiggling the leg in a hopeless but happy way, a lot of them shaking their heads and giggling at how silly it was.

Joel crawled over to them, weak and shivering.

“What’s going on?” Joel said.

They were just teenagers, maybe eight of them.

One of the people looked down at Joel lying in the snow.

“Were you on the helicopter?” the person said.

“No,” Joel said. “Vacation.”

“By yourself?” the person said, tinkling the piano keys.

“Friends and family.”

The person looked behind Joel.

“Did you drop something back there?”

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